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TDG Bucket Elevator Bucket Classification

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TDG steel cord belt bucket elevator has characters as below

1. High-volume buckets are attached to the belt

2. Simple structure with small driving power

3. Large Capacity, higher lifting height

4. Easy installation and maintenance

5. Certified by ISO9001: 2008, SGS report

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Basic Parameters

1. Construction: Carbon steel, stainless steel

2. Tape Classification: EP belt or Steel cord belt

3. Bucket Classification

-----Shallow bucket(Zh type): Suitable for powdery and granular materials which is slightly wet, apt to lump and has bad flowing, such as sand, slack coal, fertilizer, industrial chemicals, etc.

-----Deep bucket(Sh type): Suitable for powdery, granular, lump materials in dry, loose and good flowing condition, such as cement, coal briquette, grain, plastic granules, etc.

4. Lifting Height: 5-80m

5. Material Temperature: < 80 centigrade (ordinary belt); < 120 centigrade (heat-resistant belt)

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