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Tripper Conveyor


Model: TC500~1400mm

Matching Steel Rail: 15/22kg/m

Walking Speed: 0.26/0.30 m/s

Walking Power:3/ 5.5kw

Walking Wheel Diameter: 400/500mm



Tripper Conveyor create multiple discharge points for a belt conveyor. 

Typically, a belt conveyor can only discharge bulk materials off the end of the belt. Belt Trippers are short belt conveyors that can be positioned at different points along a main belt conveyor to “trip” or divert the flow of bulk materials off through a chute. Bulk materials discharge off the Tripper Coveyor to another belt conveyor, to storage or to processing. Capacities up to 800 tons per hour can easily be handled with YingDa Tripper Conveyor.

Tripper conveyor 7.jpg


YingDa Tripper Conveyor are used in many industries including cement, lime, mining, chemical, aggregate, mining and power industries for discharging bulk materials to storage or processing.

Tripper conveyor 9.jpg

YingDa designs and manufactures each tripper conveyor to meet specific requirements and in accordance with industry standards.

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