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Home protective measures for COVID-19

2020-04-11 Share Return List

The COVID-19 epidemic is at a critical stage. To win the battle against the virus, we need not only the hard work of the medical staff, but also the self-protection of each of us. How can the public protect against the epidemic and ensure their health? As a Chinese, we want to share my experience with you.

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1. Reduce outdoor activities

ü Avoid areas where the disease is endemic

ü Cut down on family visits and meals

ü Avoid crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility


2. Personal protection and hand hygiene

ü Wear a surgical mask or KN95 mask when going out

ü Maintain hand hygiene and use medical alcohol or disinfectant to disinfect hands after contact with objects in public places


3. Health monitoring and medical treatment

ü Monitor the health of individuals and family members, and take temperature and record if you feel hot

ü If there are suspicious symptoms, wear a mask to the nearest doctor, take the initiative to explain the movement track, cooperate with the doctor to carry out the relevant investigation


4. Maintain healthy habits

ü Open the window every day for ventilation

ü Keep household items clean, disinfect tableware, change clothes and quilts frequently

ü Use your own supplies and don't share them with family members



1.Avoid touching your ears, mouth and nose before disinfecting your hands

2.Cover your nose and mouth with your elbows when you sneeze or cough

3.Diet nutrition, proper indoor exercise

4.Food must be well done

5.Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals

6.Avoid going to live animal markets

COVID-19 war has been started, everyone can make a contribution to their family and society, is to protect ourselves and the family around us, I hope my sharing can help everyone.

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