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Customer First Insure Delivery

2020-03-16 Share Return List

In the past month when the epidemic was spreading, YingDa Heavy Industry strictly followed the relevant policies of government departments, and actively responded to the government's call to delay the start of construction. 

However, in order to ensure that the customer's goods can be delivered on time, YingDa people to recover as much as possible due to the epidemic caused by the loss of customers. All the office staff of YingDa Heavy Industry started working online.

Now, the situation of the epidemic is gradually improving, YingDa Heavy Industry factory has successfully passed the application to resume work, formal resumption of work! However, as the current outbreak is still in a crucial stage, we cannot relax. Therefore, YingDa Heavy Industry will formulate epidemic prevention rules and regulations according to the requirements of the government and the park when returning to work, so as to be responsible for everyone's safety and health.

In such a difficult production conditions, YingDa Heavy Industry the 2nd factory director Mr. Hao said, this is our responsibility, but also our cause!

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YingDa people take every order of customers as our own business to do, this is special YingDa Heavy Industry! In the Epidemic spreading period, we will keep commitment to you unchanged.

“During the epidemic period, we must serve our customers wholeheartedly," said Wang, general manager of Yingda Heavy Industries.

1. All sales 7x24h online service

2. Free technical guidance

3. Insure on time delivery

4. Production schedule visualization

5. Hotline: 0086 15836190561

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Henan YingDa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, manufacture various type conveyors, customized available, solve the transport problem of various materials. Now we have 3 factories and workshops are over eight thousand square meters. We have processing equipment as below: 500 tons heavy duty press machine, Milling machine, plasma cutting machine, wire cutting machine, two meters lathe, plate shearing machine, bending machine, drilling machine , polishing machine and welding machine.

We obtained 20+ patent, and passed CE, ISO9001 certificate. We have provided transportation equipment for more than 2639 enterprises and signed long-term supply contracts.

Customer cases covers China, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Colombia and other countries.

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We always adhere to the "high quality, high efficiency, quality service" as the company's core competitiveness. Sincerely welcome new and old users to consult and exchange!

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