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Control method of belt conveyor operation process

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Control method of belt conveyor operation process

Belt conveyor has a very wide range of applications in the production of many industries. The conveying system represented by belt conveyor will be widely used, and the use value of it is higher in production enterprises.Selected a certain type of belt conveyor, engineers should first carry out reasonable simulation and debugging of the equipment, in order to better play its mechanical properties.When the equipment debugging is completed, the operation can be officially started only if no abnormal state is determined.Adherence to these necessary procedures can avoid functional problems caused by potential equipment failures.The following text makes a brief introduction to several control methods in the belt conveyor operation process.


1. Preparation

After the conveyor is assembled, the maintenance personnel shall check the fit degree between the spare parts to ensure the tightness of the mechanical system combination.At this stage, the operator should do a good job of lubrication treatment of the conveying system to prevent the increase of wear of the machine when the high speed conveying.For example, each reducer, moving parts to add the corresponding lubricating oil, prior lubrication treatment can reduce the failure rate of the machine.


2. Equipment debugging

After the installation of the belt conveyor to meet the requirements, each single equipment for manual work, and then combined to debug the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the action.In addition, the debugging of the electrical part of the belt conveyor, including the debugging of the conventional electrical wiring and action, so that the equipment has good performance, to achieve the designed function and state.The operator should record the parameter standard in the debugging in detail to provide a reliable basis for conveying control.


3. Perform actions

Turn on the main power switch.Check whether the power supply of the equipment is normal and whether the power indicator is on.Proceed to the next step after normal operation.Open the power switch of each circuit and check whether it is normal.Under the normal state: when the equipment is not running, the belt conveyor running indicator light is not on;The power indicator of frequency converter and other equipment is on;The display panel of the frequency converter is normal.If abnormal situation is found, it should be stopped urgently to prevent the occurrence of casualty accident.


4. Comprehensive control

In the field operation process, we should always pay attention to the working dynamics of the belt conveyor to ensure that the equipment is controlled by the dispatcher.Start each electrical equipment in turn according to the process flow. Start the next electrical equipment after the previous electrical equipment starts normally.According to the transmission principle of the conveyor, attention should be paid to the frame, conveyor belt, roller, roller, transmission device, etc. If the automatic sensing instrument finds any abnormality, personnel should be immediately arranged for maintenance.


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